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Wedding flowers. Use a professional or your aunt Doris?

Article by John Rzasa

Wedding flowers are expensive. They can be one of the priciest items on your wedding budget. A professional florist is going to be much more expensive than a relative or friend. Here are some guidelines for picking your florist.

Hiring a professional florist - the benefits

  • A florist specializing in wedding flowers can create spectacular, one-of-a-kind designer bouquets for your wedding.
  • A florist will have access to all kinds of rare flowers and out-of-season flowers if you are looking for something very specific or unique.
  • A florist will have the necessary refrigeration and other equipment to make sure your flowers are picture perfect on your wedding day.
  • Your florist can make detailed recommendations for the bride who is not sure what she wants in a floral scheme for her wedding.
  • A florist has the equipment and staff to deliver your bouquets, set up your ceremony and reception flower arrangements.

Hiring a professional florist - the downside

  • A professional florist can be expensive. A really good one is very expensive. Be sure to consider this in your budget planning.
  • A florist may not be able to do much with a meager floral budget.
  • A florist may have limited availability if you have a short planning period and are getting married in a popular wedding month. You may have to go with an alternate florist if one is already booked.

What about aunt Doris? - the benefits

  • This is a very cost-effective option for the bride on a tight budget.
  • Aunt Doris may offer to do your wedding as a gift or just at the cost of the flowers.
  • Some flower wholesalers will sell flowers to an individual. Knowing where to purchase the flowers may help to save quite a bit of money.
  • Your flowers will be a very sentimental part of your wedding if you have a relative or friend arrange them.

What about aunt Doris? - the downside

  • Aunt Doris may not be able to create elaborate arrangements. Your flowers will probably be simpler and less specific.
  • Even if she works for 24 hours straight, Aunt Doris may not be able to create the large number of bouquets, arrangements, corsages, pew decorations and centerpieces.
  • In addition to the flowers, there are many needed (and expensive) preparation items from wires and containers, to holders, tape, ribbons, pins, scissors, glue, mesh and more that Aunt Doris may not realize she needs.
  • Aunt Doris probably doesn't have access to the special refrigeration or equipment required to hold and keep many types of flowers. Be sure that you do your research before you go this route so you know if this is the case.
  • A friend or relative may have to back out at the last minute. You could be left in a tight spot without a contingency plan and no wedding flowers.

Your wedding flowers are an important and highly visible part of your big day. Be smart and don't take chances if you don't have to. Be sure to read our article 20 questions to ask a florist about wedding flowers for more ideas and information on wedding flowers.

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