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Tips and suggestions for having a themed wedding reception.

Article by John Rzasa

It's quite trendy to theme your reception. Some couples are scrimping on the ceremony and splurging on a themed wedding reception. However, it's important to consider complexity and cost before you dive head first into a storybook or movie theme.

Here are some tips for success in pulling off a themed wedding reception.

1. Keep your guests needs in mind.
If you are planning on having guests wear themed attire, consider everyone in attendance. Don't make the theme mandatory or too restrictive if your guest list is rather broad. You may want to have a post-ceremony cake and punch reception in addition to the themed party if you have more reluctant guests.
2. Don't let your theme take away from your party.
Remember, the reception is a chance to celebrate your wedding with friends and family. If you take it to the extreme, you could hinder interaction and spoil a good time for all.
3. Think about the music with a "themed" DJ or band?
You don't want the style of the music to be unfamiliar, or prohibit your guests from dancing and enjoying themselves. One solution is to use themed music for your introduction, entrance, first and last dances and cake cutting. Use more popular music during the cocktails, dinner and reception for your guests to enjoy.
4. The theme should reflect your personality.
If you like country music, put on a Stetson hat and lead a few line dances. If you like classical music, put on a powdered wig and dance a minuet or waltz. Showcase what you love to do in your theme, but try not to overdo it.
5. Lighting can help accent a theme.
In love with Vampires? Use red up lighting. Batman fan? The Bat Signal on a wall is classic. Sports fan? Many team logos are available and can be focused on a wall or the dance floor.
6. Work with your planner with theme elements.
An experienced wedding planner can give you good ideas, help with classic themes, and help reduce the cost.
7. Make it memorable.
A themed wedding reception can be fun, but at the end of the day, you should be able to look back on a great memory. If you have any doubts on the feasibility of this, lean toward toning it down to avoid drama or embarrassment.

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