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Planning a romantic honeymoon.

Article by John Rzasa

Ah. The honeymoon. Your first week or two to be a couple without the stress of the wedding plans. Having a romantic honeymoon isn't difficult, but it does require some planning and realistic decision making within your budget.

However, no matter what size your budget is, planning for romance is not difficult with the following tips.

1. Communicate to each other what you view as a romantic location.
Spend some time researching your options. A travel agent is a great resource when trying to narrow down the list.
2. Book your trip as soon as you can after you set the date for the wedding.
This ensures you have enough time to make all the arrangements and eliminates any romance killers such as connecting flights or seasonal delays.
3. You may have to compromise to make it romantic for both of you.
If his idea of romance is camping under the stars in Colorado and hers is a week at the spa, you may want to book something that meets both your needs such as a rustic cabin near a trendy resort with a spa.
4. Each of you should plan romantic activities you think your new spouse will enjoy.
By doing this, it takes the pressure off of either party to plan everything.
5. Don't over plan!
The whole point of being on a honeymoon is to relax and enjoy the romance of being just married. If you're not having fun, the schedule is too booked. Be sure to include some downtime or rest periods in between adventures.
6. Don't forget to pack for common ailments.
Bug bite treatment, pain relievers, sunscreen, stomach remedies. You don't want to be on vacation and feeling bad!
7. Be sure you research "package deals" thoroughly.
You don't want any surprises! Be sure to account for all meals offered, drinks covered and complimentary amenities.
8. Have a backup plan.
What if a hurricane pops up in the Caribbean before you set sail? Purchase the travel insurance and make sure you can reschedule or head somewhere else instead.
9. Romance starts with your attitude.
Remember, this is a time to enjoy being together. You're not on the honeymoon to accomplish 14 days of sightseeing. You're celebrating your new life before it becomes routine.

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