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Maid or Matron of Honor Duties and Responsibilities.

Article by John Rzasa

The matron of honor or maid of honor is usually chosen by the bride because she is considered to be the bride's closest and most trusted friend. This is a big honor but it carries with it a lot of responsibilities other than standing beside the bride during the wedding ceremony.

The maid of honor wears many hats. Her main role is to help the bride plan, coordinate, and organize the wedding. She has to wear many hats - a diplomat, planner, psychologist, listener and friend. The most important part of her job is keeping the bride's stress level at bay.

Before the Ceremony

She is the head bridesmaid.
This means she arranges the gathering for dress fittings and accessory shopping. She also makes sure the bridesmaids are dressed and at the ceremony on time.

She plans two big events - the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
She doesn't pay for all of these events; she divides the costs evenly among all bridesmaids. However, she is the manager and in charge of money and details.

The maid of honor helps the bride shop for a wedding dress.
If this is not possible, you should make every effort to give feedback as soon as possible.

During the Ceremony

She holds the groom's ring and delivers it to the bride when cued. She also watches the bride's train and holds the bouquet for the bride during the vows. She returns it before she walks back down the aisle.

At the reception, she is there to make the bride comfortable. She ensures the bride gets food and drink. She may offer up a toast. She and her entourage of bridesmaids are encouraged to dance with the bridal party and mingle.

After the Ceremony

The maid of honor tends to any details left undone while the bride escapes to her honeymoon, such as returns or getting the bridesmaids to their hotels or airport.

Her Main Role - A Confidant During the Bride's Transition to Marriage. It's an honor to be the maid or matron of honor. The bride needs a steady friend to help her get through all the details. Make it worth her while and remember to smile!

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