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Interesting ideas for your bridal shower.

Article by John Rzasa

Bridal showers serve two main purposes: to shower the bride with gifts and to give the bride's friends and family a time to meet and celebrate. Here are some interesting ideas for your bridal shower.

Complete a project:
A shower doesn't just have to be a cake, punch and gifts. A shower can be a project. For instance, if the bride and groom are moving in to a new home after the wedding, a great shower idea would be to paint and accessorize their new bedroom. The invitation could include a list of supplies needed to complete this task.

Stock it up:
A "stock up" shower can give guests very specific direction on what to purchase. Some ideas for a stock up shower are:

  • Stock the bar. Serve cocktails and ask guests to bring liquors and wines to stock the couple's bar.
  • Stock the freezer. Newly married couples may not know how or have much time to cook. A month's worth of heat and serve dinners or gift cards for takeout will get them started in their new home.
  • Tool shower. This is one for the guys. Most couples will need some tools to get started in their new home. Yard tools like shovels, rakes and basic tools like hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches are great gift ideas for this shower.
  • Linen shower. This type of shower gives the couple a jumpstart on their linen and bath needs.

Host a themed shower:
A themed shower spices things up. Ideas include:

  • Destination theme. Center the theme around the couple's honeymoon locale. Serve foods and use decorations native to this place
  • Makeover theme. This is a great time to get the bride her makeup for the big day. Invite someone who sells or does makeup for a living to give everyone makeovers. Gifts can be makeup and spa selections for the bride. Serve simple food and drinks for this relaxing shower.
  • Naughty & Nice theme. This is a great shower idea for a get-away bachelorette party. Each guest brings a "nice" gift for the bride and groom and a "naughty" gift such as lingerie. Decorations can be naughty and nice pinup photos. Food can be sweet and spicy to match the theme.

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