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How to organize your wedding rehearsal.

Article by John Rzasa

The rehearsal is an important part of your wedding. It gives you, the groom, the wedding party and your officiate a chance to go through the motions before the big day. It will help ease nerves and point out any potential problems.

Here are some tips to help you organize your rehearsal.

  • Make sure you check with your wedding venue to see if you can hold the rehearsal there at your desired time.
  • Be sure to have the rehearsal early enough that everyone has time to get to the rehearsal dinner, but don't have it so early that it is difficult for everyone to get there. Be aware of anyone traveling from out of town.
  • Be sure to give as much advance notice to the wedding party, the officiate, and anyone else (wedding coordinator) as possible on location and time.
  • Have several programs available to refer to. Ask you officiate to help you organize the rehearsal. He or she will lead the rehearsal and walk you through the basic plan.
  • A wedding coordinator is a good idea. This person is different from a wedding planner. The coordinator lines everyone up and tells him or her when to walk down the aisle. Your wedding coordinator needs to be someone you trust and someone that won't get hurt feelings by not seeing the wedding for all its beauty. Many venues have a person you can hire to do this job or it may even be included in your package.
  • Be sure to have a stand-in bouquet to hand off. The bridesmaids traditionally make this from all the ribbons at your bridal shower(s). The proxy bride (another wedding tradition where a friend walks down the aisle instead of the bride usually carries the proxy bouquet. It's a superstition.)
  • Be sure your musicians, DJ and your audio-visual people are available to go through the song list to check equipment. No one wants to find out a microphone doesn't work five minutes before you walk down the aisle.
  • Be sure you have the keys before you leave. No one wants to be locked out of the wedding venue the day of the wedding.
  • Enjoy it! The rehearsal is a time to make sure everything is organized and to calm jitters before you take the plunge. Don't get stressed out over the details. Enjoy yourself and all will work out as planned.

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