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How to keep your bridesmaids happy.

Article by John Rzasa, PartyProDJ owner

Selecting bridesmaids from even your closest friends can be challenging. However, keeping everyone happy is more challenging. Why? When you gather a few or more women together, you may run into friction. Differing opinions and personalities requires grace, tact, leadership and diplomacy from the bride and her maid/matron of honor.

Here are some simple tips on how to keep the bridesmaids happy.

Communication is key.
If everyone is clear on what the bride wishes, then a common goal is established. Make sure everyone knows how the wedding day will flow, who's who, and a schedule of meetings, shopping trips, lunches, etc. Keep your bridesmaids in the loop.

Check egos at the door.
When egos rise up, chaos forms. Be fair when doling out responsibilities, and as metnioned above, keep everyone in the loop.

The bride is the star.
This message should come from the maid or matron of honor, not the bride. If anyone has doubts about this, maybe they don't belong in the wedding party.

Consider finances and taste.
Bridesmaids' dresses and accessories should be a group decision. Hair, makeup, nails, undergarments and shoes all add up. It's only fair to be sure your bridesmaids know all the costs up front in case finances are tight. The bride should consider the financial resources of all the participants because each lady is responsible for her dress purchase.

Let everyone participate in planning.
The maid of honor needs to include everyone in planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower.

Choose a strong maid or matron of honor.
It's her job to support the bride and help make the bride's wishes be realized. A strong maid or matron of honor should be a model of compromise and harmony.

Consider time resources.
Some bridesmaids may have more time and resources than others to help arrange wedding plans or run errands. Be mindful of that when asking for help.

Remember the reason for the celebration.
A wedding is about love, friendship and fun. Minor details shouldn't get in the way of making memories based on these elements.

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