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How to Choose the Perfect First Dance.

Article by John Rzasa

Dancing is intimidating for many people. However, it's a very common tradition at the wedding reception to at least have a first dance as a newly married couple. Don't make it complicated about which type of dance you will "perform" at your reception. Having a good time is the most important part of your wedding, and you should keep that in mind when considering your first dance.

Some couples pick a slow song, or "their" song to celebrate their first shining moment as Mr. and Mrs. However, you can go beyond the slow dance and make it a memorable part of your reception.

Here are tips for making the right choice about your first dance.

  • Be honest about your ability. If you aren't very coordinated, get a good friend to help you create a simple slow dance. Most people can sway and keep rhythm to a simple song with a little practice.
  • If you have a more adventurous spirit, try taking a few ballroom dancing classes as a couple. This can be a fun bonding time and a big surprise for your guests.
  • If one of you is a much better dancer, classes may help the less accomplished dancer feel more comfortable.
  • Starting a group dance can be a fun addition for the couple who likes getting the crowd involved.
  • Having a sense of humor in your song and about the dance itself is a great way to ease anxiety.
  • The first dance should match your wedding atmosphere. If yours is a formal wedding at a posh country club, you may want to select an elegant slow song. If you are at a Tiki bar on the beach, starting a game of Limbo may be the way to go.
  • Be mindful of each other. It's tradition for the groom to lead the bride. Ask that good friend to help with your dance practice.
  • Consult with your wedding planner or DJ about your options. As professionals, they often will make a great recommendation. Remember, it's your day and your dance. Pick something you like. If you love 80s music, there may be a song that fits perfectly. If "your song" is a current hit, go with that.

When it comes to choosing the perfect first dance, remember to have fun and make it a memory, not a point of tension.

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