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Do you really need wedding favors?

Article by John Rzasa

There is no rule that says you must give wedding favors to your guests. However, the decision as to whether or not to give favors has its pros and cons and should be given careful consideration.

Giving favors is a great way to show your gratitude. Your guests will undoubtedly enjoy receiving a favor and will think it a kind gesture and appreciate your thoughtfulness. You wouldn't want to offend anyone by overlooking him or her. Couples often skip favors due to the added strain on their overall wedding budget, or sometimes they just don’t think of it until it’s too late. Also there are issues just managing the whole process, keeping track of who gets what and making sure they get it.

Here are a few tips that will help.

Wedding favors do not have to be expensive, but should be of reasonable quality and value. Ideally, a budget for favors should be discussed and decided upon early on in the planning stages. Don’t forget to include associated costs, such as shipping charges, wrapping materials, ribbon and nametags. Knowing that you’ve budgeted funds and have allowed time to make it work, makes it easier to accomplish.

For children, a small bag of chocolate coins might be just the thing. For teenagers, a movie rental certificate is very cool. Young adults appreciate useful favors, such as a key fob or bottle opener, while older guests look fondly on keepsake favors, such as a photo frame or a wedding bell.

Inexpensive favors can include a single rose, coasters, bookmarks, key chains, small photo frames, and soap, candles or note pads. (One couple we know gave scratch off lottery tickets!)

Edible favors include mint tins, chocolate bars, lollipops, tea, coffee, fortune cookies or nuts.

Themed favors are available for spring, summer, autumn, winter, holidays and more.

Hand made favors can be a lot of fun (or a pain in the neck) and can include items like a laminated photo with magnetic back, a scrap book style card, chocolate kisses, M&M’s or jelly beans wrapped in tulle or silk flowers.

Whatever you decide, be sure that your guests actually get (and take) their favors with them. You’d be surprised how many favors are left behind for the clean up crew to find after a reception.

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