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Be prepared for wedding day emergencies.

Article by John Rzasa

We've all heard stories of wedding day disasters. They can range from very funny to very serious. These mishaps can be avoided or managed with some forward thinking and planning.

Here are some common examples and how to cope.

1. The weather can change.
Have a groomsman keep an eye on the weather reports throughout your wedding day. Regardless of the forecast, have a plan for inclement weather such as a sudden thunder storm or high wind. For example, have umbrellas or plastic rain coats on hand. Is there a covered entrance available? Assign someone to move the cake and other items that can be blown over or ruined by rain or excessive heat.
2. A fire breaks out.
I'm not trying to scare anyone and this is highly unlikely, but you should have some designated wedding participants who know where the exits are and who can round up and lead the way to evacuate older guests or children in an emergency.
3. Medical concerns.
Ask someone you trust to watch the wedding reception crowd for medical problems. Be sure to identify anyone with a possible health concern, prior to the reception. Have a plan in place for helping these guests quickly and quietly to avoid disruption (as best you can).
4. The photographer becomes ill or has an equipment failure.
The photographer should always have backup equipment and personnel on hand. Don't hire them if they can't guarantee this. DJs should have back up equipment too.
5. Small children.
A nanny service or a pair of high school students in a designated area of the reception venue is a great idea if you are expecting toddlers who may need to burn off some extra energy.
6. Know your guest list.
If Uncle Harry or Aunt Doris is known for drinking too much and getting loud, assign a groomsman to keep an eye on him or her.
7. Your getaway car.
Be sure to have your getaway car thoroughly checked out in advance. The tires, battery, belts, oil, lights, wipers and be sure you have a full tank of gas.
8. A bridesmaid or groomsman gets sick.
Have a backup plan in place if one of the wedding party members can't make it. Make sure everyone knows what to do if this happens.
9. Family drama or someone has too much to drink.
Be sure to have a talk with any troublesome family members about how they should behave at your event. Assign someone to keep an eye open, or escort them out if necessary.
10. Sewing and repair kit.
A needle and thread, safety pins, ribbon, scissors, roll of tape and super glue can often come in very handy.
11. First aid, baby wipes and face cloths.
Make sure someone has a first aid kit with band aids, aspirin, antacids, etc. Baby wipes are great to have in the event someone gets sick or has an embarrassing spill. You may want to have a backup outfit for yourself in the case of s food stain or drink spill. Face clothes are great for wiping rain or mud off shoes, and for the groomsmen to wipe their brow when they get hot outside during the photo session.

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